Why Guess or Assume?

Learn consumer behaviors. From real consumers. Faster & Cheaper.

Who said market research has to be about long, complex & expensive projects?

Well, Not any more.

The Consumer Perspective

Several factors play on Middle Eastern consumers’ minds: Economic uncertainties, health, job continuity, and family needs to name a few. These factors bring about a change in consumers’ buying and usage behaviors, leaving brands to answer questions like: how are consumers needs evolving? Why do they buy what they buy? Who influences their buying decision? Do they identify with our brand? What makes them switch from one product to another overnight?

Failure to accurately answer these questions costs brands millions of advertising dollars, failed products, brand equity, and subsequently, market share.

We help brands answer these and other tough questions everyday.

Welcome to Muhimma Digital Platform – Middle East’s first technology company that enables brands to learn consumer behaviors, faster and cheaper.

Why Muhimma?

Changing needs bring about a change in consumer behaviors and expectations. We help brands stay on top of their game in 3 distinct ways:


Access To Real Consumers

We crowdsource real consumers of your brand and category

Direct Interaction with Consumers

Platform business model enables gathering first-hand insights & get tasks done


Advanced technology tools for secured data collection, analysis, and presentation

What was she

She liked and shared your ads on Facebook, why didn’t she buy your product?

Consumer behaviors are driven by emotions. Emotional marketing gets likes, clicks and shares but these do not convert to sales. Why?

How do Successful
Products find

Thousands of new products & services are introduced every year. Only a handful of them win customer approval. What differentiates successful products from the unsuccessful ones?

The primary difference is that failing products fail to solve a real customer problem.

“Each year, 80% of all new product launches fail” Clayton Christensen

Are you solving the
wrong problem?

Segmenting Market by Consumer Type is based on personality traits which stay the same all through a person’s life. On the other hand, consumer attitudes, behaviors and needs change with time.

Do you need to reconsider the way you do market segmentation?

Technology is failing
the market research

The 2019 Grit Insights Practice report says that 71% Brands are far from satisfied with their Market Research companies to use data visualization, big data analytics, mobile survey and artificial intelligence.

Connected Consumers will drive technology adoption in the market research industry.

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