Connected consumers will drive technology adoption in market research

The 2019 GRIT Insights Practice Report says that consumer brands are far from satisfied from their market research suppliers. A key reason is the inability of traditional market research companies to use technology driven tools such as data visualization, big data analytics, mobile surveys, and artificial intelligence.

The market research industry will have to undergo a complete makeover. This pursuit will be driven by the connected consumer.

Characteristics of a modern day consumer

Takes no time to dump a brand if it fails to deliver via their preferred channel

Relies on online
research before

Expects brands to understand their need
and expectations

Uses mobile as the
preferred device

Expects brands to adapt based on their actions and behaviors

Is aware of
the environment
& sustainability

We have crossed the chasm

While architecting Muhimma Digital Platform, we had the struggles of the market research industry in mind. We took up the challenge to support not only end-customers but also our peers in the industry. The objective: to enable our customers and ecosystem partners learn consumer behaviours, faster & cheaper.

Technology Components

We have envisioned Muhimma Digital Platform as Middle East’s research industry’s hub for technology solutions. Our technology solutions facilitate the entire insights value-chain.

Open Architecture for easy Integration

Muhimma platform’s open architecture has been purpose-built to enable customers and partners leverage the technology investments we have made. The platform is API-centric, thereby allowing our customers and partners to integrate with us or to use any of our technology components under an OEM arrangement.

So before you embark on a project to build a web portal, mobile or web applications and/or analytics engine, talk to us to see how you could leverage our technology investments, faster & cheaper.