Exploit the power of crowdsourcing. Reap the benefits of our Taskforce Community.

Task-based workforce or simply, Taskforce, is a crucial cohort of our community. Our BusyBees perform different types of tasks such as mystery shopping, in store and outdoor audits, price verification, shelf audits, location verification, etc.

How does it Work?

Technology drives our task-based solutions.

Community Portal

We define tasks on the Community Portal and provide access to BusyBee’s who sign-up to do the task. The portal helps us manage the Taskforce efficiently and effectively. We’re able to assign tasks, monitor the execution and ensure quality deliverables. In case of individual dropouts or lower than expected results, we can quickly replace participating Taskforce members with backup members.

Use of Mobile App

Our flexible mobile app allows us to design customized user interface and task flow based on the nature of the task and the level of understanding of the Taskforce members. This user-friendliness eliminates ambiguities and the need to write notes or fill out physical forms. It results in optimal utilization of time and resources.

To ensure that the Taskforce members actually go to the assigned location, we ask them to log in the time they expect to be at the location. We geo-fence the location and track BusyBee’s movement during that time window. It also helps us track her/his efficiency.

Many times, customers ask us to provide proofs of executed task. Use of mobile technology comes in very handy in such cases. We ask the Taskforce to take pictures or videos and timestamp them.

Filled out task forms along with supporting pictures or videos are uploaded to our backend system in real-time. This way, brands and market research companies don’t need to maintain physical copies of surveys and task forms.

Customer Portal

Based on customer requirements, we tabulate results of the task on a customized portal.