Solutions for
Product Professionals

For Insights to be valuable and interpreted beyond numbers, they need to be Actionable

Thousands of new products & services are introduced every year. Only a handful of them win customer approval. What differentiates successful products from the unsuccessful ones? The primary difference is that failing products fail to solve a real customer problem.

To build products and services that customers love, product professionals need to answer 3 sets of questions:

1. What jobs are consumers trying to do?
2. What problems they are trying to solve?
3. What gains do they want to achieve?



What alternative solutions do they have?
Why do they choose one solution over the other? How does the chosen solution help them?


What does success mean to them in their personal and professional lives?
How do they feel gratified?

Customer Job

What are they trying to achieve?
How do they satisfy their needs? What compromises do they make? What stops them from fulfilling their needs?

We help answer these questions and provide unique insights during different phases of the product lifecycle.


To test new ideas, brands need consumer views on those ideas. We facilitate this through a series of Usage & Attitude surveys. Our community provides valuable insights into how consumers perceive your organization, your products, and what else do they want you to innovate.

Concept Testing

For a new concept, you want opinions from potential users. Our community is the perfect group for that. They provide unbiased views on whether the concept(s) will address real customer problems and address which known or latent needs. This helps you decide which concept(s) to take forward to the prototyping stage.


Once a prototype is ready, our community provides vital input on how the prototype is and how the initial branding & packaging looks. This iterative exercise helps Product Managers reach to a stage where you gain confidence that the prototype, branding, and packaging have matured.