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Achieve clear positioning, differentiate from competition, update consumer personas, and improve ROI on advertisements

Why is your advertising not giving desired results?

Knowing that consumer behaviors are driven by emotions, Marketers roll out emotional content on social media. They succeed in compelling consumers to like, click, and share their messages. However often, likes and shares do not covert to sales. Consequently, marketers struggle to justify the ROI on social media spend. Why?

Emotional marketing only works when consumers subconsciously identify with the experience they get using your products and services. It isn’t about clicks or likes. It is about the feeling of pride, ownership and belonging when they purchase from you. Consumers want brands to listen to them, learn their likes, dislikes and buying preferences – right from the first engagement to product selection to post-sales service.

Our insight Solutions for Marketers do just that!


Pre- or Post-Campaign Analysis

Optimize your marketing spend by proactively reaching out to our community to see if your upcoming campaigns would resonate with them and what’s the best channel to reach them. Find out the why behind unexpected sales results.

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Learn consumer opinions on what do they think about and expect of your brand, what’s their experience of your products & services, do they believe they’re getting the value for the price they pay, and how do they find interaction experience.

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Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Micro-segment to zoom in on just the right target market. Create, disband, and re-create micro-segments at a few clicks to verify your positioning and messaging. Segment your market based on consumer needs.

We helped a global sweet spread to identify new niche markets through effective micro-segmentation based on consumer needs. Learn How



Track consumer’s changing preferences and behaviors alogside competitor actions and new entrancs with our Tracking Studies. Maintain panel consistency with same cohort of the community identified and replace accounts with identical consumer profiles.

Learn about our Task-based Solutions for Marketers.