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Achieve clear positioning, differentiate from competition, update consumer personas, and improve ROI on advertisements

Does your brand ‘belong with’ consumers?

Knowing that consumer behaviors are driven by emotions, Marketers roll out emotional content on social media. They succeed in compelling consumers to like, click, and share their messages. However often, likes and shares do not covert to sales. Consequently, marketers struggle to justify the ROI on social media spend. Why?

Emotional marketing only works when consumers subconsciously identify with the experience they get using your products and services. It isn’t about clicks or likes. It is about the feeling of pride, ownership and belonging when they purchase from you. Consumers want brands to listen to them, learn their likes, dislikes and buying preferences – right from the first engagement to product selection to post-sales service.

We offer the following Insights Solutions to Marketers.

1. Nabd – Your Brand’s Health Tracker

A brand’s health impacts its current and future sales, and therefore needs to be measured looking forward. Since brands exist for consumer, it is crucial for marketers to take an outside-in view of how consumers view your brand.


Are customers satisfied with the experience your brand offers?


Which attributes in customers’ minds set your brand apart from the competition?


What keeps customers away from your brand and stops them from coming back?


What attracts customers towards your brand and keeps them coming back?

Our Nabd service helps you monitor these vital signs by providing a 360-degrees view of your brand from a consumers’ perspective. This is how Nabd works:

Category Understanding

Brand Perception

Competitive Landscape

Net Promoter Score

Nabd Brand Health Trackerr provides distinct benefits to marketers and product managers. To learn more, download the infographic here

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