Our Solutions

Data will talk, if you’re willing to Listen – Jim Bergeson

Muhimma has
one objective:

To help the retail industry better understand consumer behaviors.

We achieve this objective by acting on two guiding principles.

1. Staying Close to Consumers

Consumer behaviors can only be understood by getting close to consumers. We are a modern organization steered by old beliefs. We believe that trust helps us get close to each other and trust, is earned. For centuries, communities have been the breeding ground for trust. That is why we nurture a community of thousands of real consumers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Our trustworthy relationship with our community thrives on them knowing that we always safeguard their personal information and identities, just likes ours. They also take pride in the fact that their opinions are valued, and help brands improve the end-to­end experience

1. That we always safeguard their personal information and identities, just likes ours

2. That their opinions are valued and help consumer markets improve the end-to-end experience

2. Generating
Actionable Insights

Consumers download our mobile app and sign-up to become Community members, called BusyBees. We roll out regular surveys on our mobile app, community members respond to those surveys and get paid. We categorize community members based on their demographics and carry out psychographic and behavioral segmentation based on community responses.

When a customer has a challenge understanding consumer behavior, we solicit community responses, make business sense out of them and present “Actionable Business Insights”– all within a matter of weeks.

We offer solutions in 3 categories: