Our Solutions

Data will talk, if you’re willing to Listen – Jim Bergeson

Muhimma has
one objective:

To help the retail industry better understand consumer behaviors.

We achieve this objective through the following services:

1. Category Understanding

Brand Challenges 

Frequent changes in consumer needs drive buying and usage behaviors of your product. These changes are painful for the established brands as they push category boundaries and create room for new entrants. 

That’s why understanding why consumers buy what they buy has become the most essential brand KPI today. When brands can not figure it out, they lose marketing dollars and build products consumers do not buy.

Service Description 

Category understanding examines the broader category universe and the positive or negative characteristics of functional aspects, perceptions, need drivers and counter-drivers, and consumption occasions.

Key Information Areas Covered

1. What are the core needs that define this category? How are these needs expected to change?

2. What are people doing more today vs what they expect to do in the future?

3. What is the optimal way to segment audiences based on needs, drivers, attitudes, psychographics, choices, and purchases?

4. What is the allure and commercial potential of each consumer segment?

5. How does the product-market fit look like? How would the value proposition evolve (product, distribution, pricing and brand)?

6. What is the optimal way to approach each segment of the marketing mix?

2. Competitive Landscaping & Brand KPIs

Brand Challenges 

Consumers are surprising brands by their choices. Technology, combined with innovative business models, is helping agile companies appeal to consumers, disrupt industry structures and unseat established category players.

Service Description
Understand consumers’ selection criteria and attribute importance for products, attribute associations with brands, and willingness to switch. Determine brand awareness, consumer perception, usage experience and relationships with brands. Establish brand imagery and map brand KPIs to category drivers.

Key Information Areas Covered

We attempt to answer the following key questions:

1. What is the true face of competition in the category?

2. What type of players caters to similar needs of consumers viz. who are the direct competitors, and which other products appeal to the consumers and get a share of their wallets? 

3. Which brands are consumers aware of, currently use, dump, and why?

4. Which attributes do they associate with each brand they’re aware of?

5. What is the perceived value that consumers derive from their favorite brands?

6. What are the key product improvements consumers want? What are their brand/product replacement thresholds?

3. Online Experience Evaluation

Brand Challenges 

An increasing number of consumers are opting to buy online. Brands across all retail sub-segments continue to invest time, effort, and money to attract, retain, and grow online sales. However, not everyone is successful in their digital transformation initiatives. While brands focus more on the look and feel of their website/app, mapping customers’ in-store buying journey is pivotal to successful digital transformation.

Service Description 

Online Experience Evaluation is a series of web-based personal interviews with category and brand users. The study is based on a structured interview guide that involves consumers doing specific tasks. The objective is for real consumers to share their end-to-end experience on your website or app.

Key Information Areas Covered

Our online experience evaluation aims to provide answers to the following key questions:

1. What are consumers’ online and in-store purchasing habits? How have these habits changed since COVID-19?

2. What are their browsing experiences and perceptions of using their favorite brand’s online store?

3. What is their navigation process on a website or an app?

4. What are their key considerations for a satisfying online shopping experience?

5. What are their specific information needs at each step of their shopping journey?

6. How do they compare your online presence with their favorite brand(s), and which improvement areas do they suggest to enhance your online store or app?

4. Advertising Effectiveness

Brand Challenges 

Since COVID-19 budget cuts, most advertising executives are struggling to maximize the ROI on their digital spending. However, up to 55% of advertisements are never seen by a brand’s target audience. What do social media likes and shares mean? How do followers convert to customers?

Service Description 

Advertising Effectiveness evaluates the efficacy of your advertising spend. It gives real consumer insights on marketing communication, content clarity and creativity, its resonance with consumer needs, and channel effectiveness. It also shows how consumers compare your advertisements with those of your competitors.

Key Information Areas Covered

Our advertisement effectiveness service helps you answer the following questions:

1. How is your brand’s identity being perceived by your target customers? How is your brand positioned in their minds? What is the delta, and how can you bridge the gap?

2. How does your communication compare to that of your competitors?

3. How does communication work, and how can it improve? What elements to focus on, and for which audiences?

4. What are the most effective customer touchpoints and channels?

5. What is the most effective form of content, and which tonality should you adopt?

5. New Product Development

Brand Challenges 

4 out of 5 products fail to meet customer approval. What differentiates successful products from the failed ones? Failed products fail to solve real customer problems. How does my NPD process take consumer needs into account? What should be the basis of my product line expansion?

Service Description 

We provide consumer insights across all stages of product development viz. ideation, prototyping, and product testing. It helps you understand consumer usage and habits related to your category and discover consumers’ unmet needs.

Key Information Areas Covered

We aim to answer the following questions:

1. What consumer needs do your products fulfil?

2. What new products and services can work best for your brand?

3. Which concrete and meaningful differentiation can you create in your portfolio to set your brand apart?

4. How can we draw fresh, promising, and actionable ideas directly from consumers?

5. How do new ideas work with your target audience, and how can we improve them?