Consumers changing behaviors need to be monitored for brands to keep pace and be proactive.

The unprecedented events starting Mar’20 rattled individuals, societies, businesses and countries. Consumers in the Middle East are out of the initial shock and are settling down into adjusted daily routines, popularly known as the new normal now. Insights from the Street is our ongoing Syndicated Research to support the retail industry’s revival and rediscovery initiatives.

World Health Day (Eating Insights)
Part 3

How are consumers eating habits changing? What are they prioritizing between taste and health? How are their preferences changing from processed to fresh foods, junk to healthy snacking and towards organic goodies. Read it all in last part of our World Health Day Series of Insights from the Streets titled Eating Habits.

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World Health Day (Fitness Habits)
Part 2

Consumers are evidently trying to stay fit, even more due to Covid. How do people try to stay fit? How can malls, healthcare institutions, banks and financing companies, real estate and gym operators contribute to keeping people fit. How has working from home impacted people’s health? Find out more in our 2nd edition of World Health Day Series of Insights from the Streets titled Fitness Habits.

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World Health Day (Physical Health)
Part 1

One year on, how has the coronavirus impacted consumers physical health? What are their healthcare challenges? How are they seeking help? How can brands help?
Read it all in this special edition of Insights from the Streets titled Health & Wellness

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Is your Marketing
= Storytelling?

The New Consumer has a gloomy and scary worldview. Digital campaigns offering discounts and promotions will not resonate with this worldview. What would, however, work is powerful storytelling around compassion and hope. Read how marketers need to better utilize curtailed marketing budgets?

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In-Store or Online,
which one do consumers prefer?

With a growing number of brands and retailers starting to sell online, what do consumers say about shopping in-store v/s online? What are the key elements of experience that they expect?

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How are Consumers Reprioritizing

Shopping centers welcomed consumers back upon resumption of economic activities. As consumers thronged malls, retailers wonder as to what’s on consumer minds regarding spending. Learn how spending behaviors of Gen-X and Gen-Y consumers across major income groups have changed, what kind of financial assistance they are receptive to, and where do they want to spend money?

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What do Consumers Expect of Home
Delivery Services?

Covid-19 caused sudden and exponential rise in home delivery services. How do consumers compare the quality of services between when they picked up end of Mar’20 and 2 months later? What irritates them the most? What specifically concerns consumers about food, grocery, and electronics delivery? What questions should service providers ask consumers to improve their experience?

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What Experience do Consumer
Expect from Online Retail?

Hesitant to go out to shop, consumers started to explore online options. What are the key elements of online shopping to them? How do they select which app to download amid a growing number of online shopping apps? Who influences their usage of an app or a portal? What challenges do they face in online shopping of fashion items, home appliances, food, and grocery?

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Retail Transformation to Digital

In their transforming journey to Digital, Retailers in the Middle East are expected to unlearn and relearn new norms. At the heart of it sits consumer experience. How can brands remap their processes to match consumer buying journey from point of first contact till delivery and beyond? Why should they look for behavioral changes in consumers?

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Marketers: Consumers Need

Covid-19 has severely impacted consumers’ physical and mental well-being. Stranded at home, consumers have increased media consumption. What are some of the ways marketers could make the most of undivided consumer attention help consumers? How should marketers addresses consumers maintain their physical and mental health during the locked home period?

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Consumer Sentiments on the Quality of Home Delivery Services

Rushing to exploit the demand for home delivery services, restaurants, grocers and delivery companies missed out asking consumers about the experience they are getting. What is the actual vs perceived experience that consumers are going through? What are the disconnects in the home delivery value chain?

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Evolving Consumer Behaviors

Staying home, consumer are becoming more receptive to online shopping. This is the best time for the retail industry to kickstart their stalled digital transformation initiatives. What are the disruptive innovations several businesses could bring about to expand into new areas? How would new digital offerings help consumers get through tough times and convert them into loyal customer?

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