Our Story

Learn how, from the back of a napkin emerged Middle East’s first technology platform for consumer insights & analytics

In the spring of 2018, three friends
got together in a khaima outside Riyadh.

From Middle East’s business climate to soccer, technology soon enough took the centerstage of their conversation. While browsing on his mobile, someone expressed annoyance on the inaccurate marketing messages being pushed through. Referring to ecommerce, someone else pointed out the disconnect between the experience he had while shopping the same brand, in-store and online. Everyone chipped in with their views on why consumer brands have been unable to offer an omnichannel experience yet.

Brands need to learn consumer behaviors!” is what someone exclaimed! Everyone agreed. “But how could they do that when they don’t have access to consumers?” What can we do about it?

At that point, One of them grabbed a napkin and drew the concept of a technology platform that enabled interactions between brands and their consumers.

Everyone got excited. “Can we do it?” “Why not?” “Should we do it?” “Hell yes!”

From the back of the napkin emerged Muhimma, Middle East’s first technology platform for consumer insights & analytics.

“Muhimma” – means a crucial mission. Our mission is to help brands, retailers & the public sector derive actionable insights through direct and meaningful interaction with real consumers, faster & cheaper.

Our Leadership Team

Abdulaziz Alomair

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

Abdulaziz is an investor and an entrepreneur. Having started his professional career as an investment banker, Abdulaziz joined his family business. In 2012, he was appointed the CEO of Wasl Investment Co. Abdulaziz also sits on the boards of several Saudi enterprises across multiple verticals. A graduate of Webster University Geneva, he’s an ardent sports enthusiast. Abdulaziz is ever-optimistic about Saudi Arabia’s ability to become a major global technology and business hub

Ghassan Darwish

Member of the Board

Ghassan is a corporate executive turned technology entrepreneur. After his university education in Cairo, he moved to Saudi Arabia to work for the Astra Group. In 2005, Ghassan decided to turn an entrepreneur and invested in Info-Tech International, which became a key force in wireless and low-current technologies. He joined hands with the Wasl Investment Co in several technology & other ventures. Ghassan is a heavy reader of philosophy and political science.

Warris Ansari

Chief Executive Officer

Warris is a Design Thinking, Marketing, and Business Development professional. His skills are executing technology business plans and business turnaround. Before joining Muhimma, Warris has worked with leading international and regional ICT and cyber security firms in Middle East and Pakistan. He is a computer science graduate, an MIT alumni, and an avid golfer.

Rosalba Riolo

Chief Operating Officer, Head of Insights & Analytics

Rosalba Riolo is a stalwart of market research with over 30 years of experience working for top global retail brands and agencies. Her expertise in shoppers insights, new product development, and consumer behaviors has benefited the retail industry across 3 continents. In her free time, Rosalba likes to do embroidery, gardening, cooking, and decoupage. If you dont find her at her desk, she might just be strolling by the sea.

Ken Davison

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Ken is a seasoned technology professional with a rich experience of working in key products and technology positions worldwide. In his illustrious career, Ken has been associated with global players like British Telecom, Ericsson, Siemens Public Networks, Dragon Wave and Magor. Ken is the architect of Muhimma’s technology infrastructure. Ken is an expert on business workflow innovation and a skilled pool player.